Paytm First - Get 3 Months Subscription Only for Members Price 19

Paytm First - Get 3 Months Subscription Only for MembersPrice  19

Paytm first offer is now here to get Paytm first advertisement for next month at effective price of next 19.  In fact it is a cashback offer that will earn you a cashback when you add money to Paytm, which makes the effective price effective 19 only.

How To Get This Deal :-

1.First Visit- 

Offer Page

2.Now Buy The Deal Price 119

3. You will receive the code on your Paytm registered email.                                                                      
 4. Now just open the Paytm app.

 5. Go to the menu and click "Paytm First"

 6. Choose a 3-month plan.

  7. Apply the promo code on the payment page that we purchased above.

  8. Payment ₹ 1 through any method.

   9. It's It, Membership Get Activated for 3 Months.

      Effective Price ₹ 19: -

      1. You will get 3 codes of From 30 Cashback on From 500 Cashback from Paytm.

      2. Each code is valid for 1 month.

      3. So in the next 3 months, you will get 30 × 3 = back 90 cashback.

      4. So effective value 109 - 90 = Only 19 only.

      5. You can get free coupons from Paytm first subscription.